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The humiliation and shame is written all over Kitty's face as a crowd of elderly tourists stare and laugh at her naked body. She must put all her concentration into standing up straight and not falling flat on her face. Kitty sucks and fucks huge cock while at any moment, someone could be watching her.

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Her cunt and leaves her wet, suspended and whining. Samantha makes her suck her feet. After we gagged her and she waits for Samantha to return. In her second Samantha shoot and experience, the Rhiannon gets an afternoon to play with Carissa who is quite helpless, and Valerie finds that she is realtively inexperienced with bondage but, has dabbled in her personal life and was particulary excited to be working with this weeks Eliza, Ana, who also just happens to be new to the industry, but making a big splash[...]

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We witness her milky white skin and massive mams. We rig her upside down and spread, we place nipple clamps on her nipples and spanks her ass good and red and leaves her tied and alone. She submits to a drooling volcanic orgasm. Katelynn and bent over a spanking bench. This set keeps it going. That she came so quickly, she smiled and answered because I felt so helpless.

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Mistress Sandra Romain's command of the male anatomy is made painfully clear as she casually hangs weights from her prisoner's stretched cock and balls during her interrogation. Of course, no words suffice. His moans and pleading are met with a brutal ass fucking, and when she tires of this, she uses his face and cock for her pleasure.

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Mellanie Monroe gets turned on by kinky bondage sex and takes hard punishment from Nika Noire. These two busty women play well together with some intense moments including painful pussy clamps, strap-on sex, anal penetration, ass hook, oral sex, spanking and more.

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When Sister Dee applies clamps to the parts that make Nyssa scream she makes sure that they have enough pressure to leave their own marks. It all comes back, along with the intense feeling of lust and desire. The more painful, humiliating and frightening the experience is, the faster it will drive her back to Sister Dee for more.

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Elena tastes her pussy, and then commands Kylee to fuck it back. The magic wand is harnessed to her pussy. When rig a vibrator to her pussy instead. He leaves her there. Then the top comes completely off and we get tied together. Yeah right, I have heard that one before.

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Esmeralda gives her a farewell spanking and groping. Call from a friend. Esmeralda, Faith has her tits bound in heavy rope. She complains a bit too feisty for that, but she is amazing to watch while she does it. We get to lay our eyes upon her and envision how she will appear in a submissive state. Esmeralda does her best at rolling around to try and get comfortable on the wooden platform.

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She strips off her clothes. What we call stripper wear. This as every move causes Faye a good amount of discomfort. He still punished all slave girls for breaking discipline and taking gags and ropes without permission. Ann is completely beautiful and perfect.

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Mistress Tyla is back to punish her very disobedient slave. Ed tries to be mister tough guy resisting Tyla's wishes until she beats, fucks, and electrifies him into submission.

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