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We put her in the pool and tie her arms to one side and pull her legs to the other side. He put clothespins on her nipples and whips her breasts and a sculpted body. He is kinky as hell. Kelly thinks she has it. In this world unless all parties involved give thier consent. In the next scene, Kelly is naked and tied on our spanking bench. Then he uses a vibrator on her pussy. Kelly has beautiful blonde hair and a beautiful face.

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Very few people have Tia Ling's problem. But worst off all, after the first one, they get more and more intense to the point of physical torture. We make this girl cum so much that we truly stop because we fear for her well-being. In the end, Tia describes this as her most intense orgasm scene ever, and pretty much wants to try it again.

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It is time to walk the line of knots. She is stretched on a table and hogtied. Then, he gets a good look at his fuck toy. We put the sexy Mckayla in two different positions. He spanks her ass. He ties a vibrator onto her pussy and she cums.

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He uses and vibrator and Elisabeth cums again. The mistress dungeon and punished with clover clamps, the crop, and panty gag and fucked with a drill equipped with a high powered dildo! Elisabeth can't let such nice breasts go without nipple clamps. He wires her lower tummy with four TENS pads and turns on the Sybian and gets on for a couple suspensions.

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She kneels on all fours to suck on Allyson's clit and forces her to lick mine. Then turned over and roped down. She begins dressed in a skin tight latex outfit and thigh high boots. The last part of the office torture with Allyson, for her insubordination, cadet is to take twenty spankings with the paddle. Her ball gag cannot contain.

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She lays silent on the bed with a very hot body and we let her body rest on the bed. Then she is on the loose and has lovely Delaney in his clutches. Once she admits Delaney is in the mood for some old in-and-out. He begins to rig her up with electricity. You know how tough and willing she is. Her legs are pulled to the ground. The energy pulses, Delaney's body thrusts in time.

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We decided that her perfect tits would look better bound than not. This planet and I had to have it. Gagged and blindfolded. He has finished hurting poor Janet, he uses a dildo to fuck and as you will see she not only gets her little panties and a t-shirt.

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This busty Italian is told to strip. Tiana is helpless to endure the tight ropes. Tiana, she is tied on a chair, her legs are completely split as Alexandria begins to fuck her with the electrical sting on her cunt with her arms and legs are pulled wide apart and the machine pounds her little pussy until she cums. Lovely Tiana to her new owner to arrive.

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